Electronic Water Softener

Puritan Aqua offer advanced water softener system  which eliminates water hardness without adding any chemicals. Our water conditioner system uses  RODF technique which  neutralizes the bonding  ability of the minerals that are present in water. Broken mineral particles are then prevented from reacting and flushed away. 

Benefits of Electronic Water Softener

  • Softened water is better taste
  • Good for skin and Hair
  • Whitens clothes better  with less detergents
  • Helps keep bathtub, shower,  walls clean
  • Protects water heaters from scale and corrosion
  • Stops scale in piping and Valves

Electronic water softeners Benefits for Agriculture and Industrial

  • More efficient in heating and cooling
  • Reduces maintenances and replacement cost
  • Increases life span of heat appliances
  • Dip irrigation lines stays clean
  • Reduces tip burns
  • Encourages plant and crop growth achieving great results

Electronic water softener is a proven effective techniques that softens water with better taste and is non corrosive. Chemically unchanged water is always safe to use. 

The benefits of the Magnetic Water softener can be applied to Electronic water Conditioner. 

We offer many other water softener solution for Resin water for domestic use and Magnetic water conditioner for large scale project like Industrial and irrigation purpose.

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