Resin Water Softener

Puritan Aqua Resin Water Softener or conditioner are built to rejuvenate your water system. Our systems designed to lowers the pH of the water in the resin tank by control valve during the systems regeneration cycle, giving the salt a “boost” and  helping the salt to clean resin more effectively. We also a well known marketers for water purifiers in Hyderabad.

When water is passed through the crosslink structure contains negatively charged “exchange sites” that hold sodium ions. As water travels through the softener, positively charged ions like Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron will stick to the exchange sites on the bead.

Benefits of Resin Water Softener

  • Easy Installation
  • Low maintenances
  • Compatible with most of pipe line
  • Chemicals are reduced (such as detergents & descalants)
  • Long life

The average life of a water softener system is 10 to 15 years, but can last for up to 20 years. Our  system are effective on materials like PVC, HDPE, Stainless steel, GI or Copper.

Puritan Aqua Resin Water Softener work equally well for any kid of water source including rural water, well water,  even ponds, lakes, rivers. Our systems are easily fitted to incoming water pipe to the section to be treated.

We offer Electronic Water conditioner and Magnetic water conditioner for large scale project like Industrial and irrigation purpose.

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