UV Water Purification

Puritan Aqua UV Water Purification take water purification to a higher level by providing a safe solution against chlorine-resistant .UV Water purification has proven to be one of the most reliable, easy and cost-effective methods for every day water use.

In this process water is treated by chemical-free process and creates not by any other products. Because UV water Filtration is simple, swift and safe, millions of homes and businesses now use ultraviolet technology to disinfect their water. Puritan Aqua UV water purification in hyderabad has been successfully helped many families drink safe water. We also provide RO water purifiers of Domestic and Commercial needs

Key Feature of UV Water Purifier

  • Environmental Friendly
  • Chemical Free
  • Cost Effective
  • Low Energy consumption
  • Reliable
  • Effective
  • Fully Automatic

UV system to work efficiently when water must will be pre-filtered to exclude any larger particles. This pre-filtration assures that particles large enough to block the UV light do not pass through the system. Our UV lamps are designed specifically to have the highest amount of UV energy for safe drinking water.

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